Non-Resident Investors in the U.S. Real Estate Market

Non-Resident Investors in the U.S. Real Estate Market Tax Issues and Considerations Introduction The United States real estate markets have seen a strong demand from foreign investors who are seeking potentially attractive investment opportunities. In addition to important and numerous logistical and risk management considerations that the investor must contend with, the tax consequences of […]

Tax Advice Disclaimer

Tax Advice Disclaimer The information on this website should not be used in any actual transaction without the advice and guidance of a professional tax adviser who is familiar with all the relevant facts. Although the information contained here is presented in good faith and believed to be correct, it is general in nature and […]

Who qualifies as a Dependent?

Who qualifies as a Dependent? For the purposes of filing a tax return, there are two types of dependents: Qualifying Child Qualifying Relative Before going into the specific rules for each type of dependent, there are a few requirements necessary for all dependents: The dependent must be a U.S. citizen or resident. The dependent may […]

Understanding IRS Tax Payments

Understanding IRS Tax Payments – penalties, fees and interest charges April 15th is famously – or infamously – known as “Tax Day” to most U.S. citizens and is the deadline for most individuals to file their U.S. income tax returns and pay any tax due. If one is outside the United States on 15-April , […]

Check Status of My Refund

Check Status of My Refund Follow these instructions to get the status of your refund. Please note that direct deposit is available only for the current tax year and only to a bank in the U.S.A. Most banks will only accept the deposit if all names listed on the refund are also listed on the […]