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ID Verification – What to Expect

tax id identification

The other day a client came to the office so that Steve could assist him as he called the IRS in response to letter 5447C request for identification verification. The client’s English was weak, and his familiarity with IRS bureaucracy was even weaker, so he wanted some support as he made the call. Here’s a […]

IRS Audit Support

In recent years, the IRS has drastically increased the amount of audits for US tax filers living overseas, with an emphasis on refund filings from US citizens earning income in Israel. The IRS has a “shoot first” or “guilty until proven innocent” mentality, and will often send compliant tax filers a letter with an enormous […]

Tis the Season to get Audited

Many clients have seen their recent tax refunds delayed by the I.R.S. The reason for this is that someone high up in the I.R.S. ranks decided that most citizens in Israel and other parts yonder cannot receive their refund without first undergoing an official examination to verify that the refunds are accurate and just. Certainly […]