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ID Verification – What to Expect

tax id identification

The other day a client came to the office so that Steve could assist him as he called the IRS in response to letter 5447C request for identification verification. The client’s English was weak, and his familiarity with IRS bureaucracy was even weaker, so he wanted some support as he made the call. Here’s a […]

Check Status of My Refund

Check Status of My Refund Follow these instructions to get the status of your refund. Please note that direct deposit is available only for the current tax year and only to a bank in the U.S.A. Most banks will only accept the deposit if all names listed on the refund are also listed on the […]

Fraud, ID Theft and Delayed Refunds

Expect Delays! Rather than receiving refunds, many of our clients have been receiving letters from the IRS requesting “verification of identity”. The most common letter is labeled “LTR 5447C”. Another variant is labeled “LTR 5071C”. The gist of the letter is that the IRS suspects that some unknown person has commandeered your name and social […]